Kimon L.H. Ioannides, MD

Kimon L.H. Ioannides, MD

Emergency Medicine

MD  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Residency – Emergency Medicine, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Biography: Dr. Kimon L.H. Ioannides is an Emergency Physician who is interested in the span from machine learning research methodologies to clinical emergency care for underserved populations, particularly psychiatric, substance dependent, and unstably housed patients.  

More broadly, Dr. Ioannides has published on natural experiments, unintended consequences, and other applications of econometrics and causal inference to clinical questions using large observational data sets. Ultimately, he hopes to establish methods to assess and mitigate the impact on healthcare of machine learning algorithms, which may mimic the biases of humans or be poorly validated on marginalized populations, so that artificial intelligence can ultimately narrow rather than widen health disparities. 

After NCSP, Dr. Ioannides joined the faculty at the Fresno Health Sciences Campus of the University of California, San Francisco.