Adrienne Martinez-Hollingsworth

Adrienne Martinez-Hollingsworth, PhD, RN, PHN


Adrienne Martinez is a PhD candidate at the UCLA School of Nursing, a Registered Nurse and Certified Public Health Nurse. She earned her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies from UCLA and her MSN in Clinical Nurse Leadership from Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU). She was awarded the 2018-2019 UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2016-2018 UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship, 2017 LA National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholarship; 2014-2016 UCLA Chancellor’s Award; and 2014 John A. Hartford Scholarship. While studying at CDU, Adrienne was selected as a UCLA/CDU NIH Bridges Scholar and Advancement of Gerontological Nursing Science Scholar. She currently serves as the 2018-2020 CDU Alumni Association Chair. As an Albert Schweitzer Fellow-for-Life, Adrienne created a public art-focused service project in a predominantly Latino, Southern California community exploring chronic illness self-care, and preventive health behaviors among Latina older adult women living with type 2 diabetes. Her dissertation study: Simultaneous Experiences of Type 2 Diabetes and Mood or Anxiety Disorder Symptoms Among Latina Women 60+ adds to our understanding of systemic (external) barriers to treatment faced by this population and internal factors that may be informing how these aging women of color experience care delivery systems. Career Interests: Adrienne’s career goal is to become an NIH-funded, tenure-track professor engaged in policy-relevant, patient-centered research that enables the design of cost- and clinically-effective algorithms promoting equity and mitigating existing physical and mental health disparities in the US. Research Interests: As an NCSP Scholar, Adrienne will continue her exploration of how chronic illness care is experienced by Latino and African American older adults living with co-occurring physical and mental illness.
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