Geoff Gusoff, MD, MBA, MTS

Family Medicine
Residency at University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: Dr. Gusoff is interested in examining how health systems can serve as anchors for equitable economic development and how community ownership strategies such as food-buying clubs, worker-owned cooperatives, and land trusts can transform the social determinants of health.

Career Interests: Dr. Gusoff is interested in the role healthcare providers and institutions can play in transforming the social and structural determinants of health. Through community-based research, project design, and implementation he aspires to partner with communities to build systems that promote health equity.

Biography: Dr. Geoff Gusoff graduated from Brown University with a BA in Public Policy and Religious Studies. He has worked with social medicine projects in Peru and El Salvador and completed a theology degree in social ethics at Boston College. He received an MD/MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania where he helped to develop an immigrant-owned construction cooperative to overcome rampant wage theft and workplace injuries among day laborers. In 2018 he was accepted into Penn’s Family Medicine Residency where he co-chaired the URM Recruitment Committee and the Social Medicine Committee. As an NCSP scholar, he will collaborate and complete clinic requirements with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.