Jamal Nabhani

Jamal Nabhani, MD


Dr. Jamal Nabhani (VA Scholar) is urology resident at LA County + USC. He obtained his undergraduate degree from UC San Diego with honors and majored in human biology. He earned his medical degree from Boston School of Medicine. He was awarded First Prize at the AUA Western Section in 2014 for his Health Policy Essay, “The Marriage of Translational Health Services Research: A Policy Imperative”. He was also awarded the James L. Goebel Grand Prize for the best poster, “Cost Analysis of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery in Patients Undergoing Radial Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer,” at the 2014 American Urologic Association Western Section Meeting.

Dr. Nabhani is interested in health care delivery and implementation as well as patient engagement and decision aids. He is also interested in patient-centered health care value. As a resident he was involved as the Departmental Quality Officer, acting as an independent quality assurance officer by auditing medical records for inpatient surgeries and creating reports for surgeons by comparing their outcomes to department and national benchmarks.

Career Interests: Dr. Nabhani is interested in implementation of disease-specific interventions focused on refining delivery models, as well as measuring and improving patient-centered health care value. He would like to focus on trauma and reconstructive urology in a large public hospital.

Research Interests: As a Scholar, he is interested in working on health care delivery innovation and testing the feasibility of a multidisciplinary benign prostatehyperplasia (BPH) program centered on primary care engagement appropriate timely and coordinated transitions of care disease-specific early inclusion of patient preference and patient decision aid tools, and provider information technology tools and dashboards.

Dr. Jamal Nabhani is Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology, at USC Keck School of Medicine and Service Chief of the Department of Urology at LAC+USC Medical Center. His job responsibilities including performing clinical and administrative duties related to the day-to-day operations of the Department of Urology at LAC+USC Medical Center, lead education for a team of 6 urology residents, 3 NPs, 1 PA, 12 RNs, co-lead efforts in a new multi-disciplinary research group (urology, preventative medicine, medical oncology) focused on health disparities in urologic cancers. His research area of interest continues to be in implementing social interventions to improve the quality of subspecialty care in the safety net. He is also interested in investigating small-area variation in the quality of subspecialty care and structural determinants of the variation. The department is engaging patients of the LA County Department Health of Services in a community advisory board to direct changes in the structure and context of care and they are the first non-primary care service in DHS to create a community advisory board. We will be using knowledge gained to guide changes to the clinical sites and times, processes of care (eg patient financial screening for surgery), and social services (eg transportation, nutritional support) available to our patients. He and his team aim to show and emphasize that appropriate, high-quality care, even subspecialty care in a resource-constrained system, can be delivered in the full context of the patient’s life circumstances. They provide a model of tertiary referral in the safety net that will mitigate disparities in potentially-life threatening, time-sensitive conditions.
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