Like California itself, our site attracts scholars that span and serve a spectrum of economic, cultural, and ethnically diverse populations. We are committed to fostering and developing an environment and curriculum that promotes and supports our scholars’ passion in their work and training in health services research. Our scholars are also creative: working in the arts to develop plays on depression alongside community partners, finishing a book on human trafficking in Togo, participating in advocacy work on immigrant health, harnessing technology and big data to enact health system change and assess the impact of policy. The impact and possibilities of our scholar’s work are limitless and strengthened by interprofessional and multidisciplinary mentorship, leadership and skill building. This is both the beauty and the power of our local and national program.


“This two-year fellowship program provides physicians and doctoral-trained nurses a unique opportunity to develop research and leadership skills to address the most pressing health care problems in our country. We are training the next generation of scientists and leaders in health and healthcare.”
Joann Elmore
Program Director
Joann Elmore, MD, MPH

“This is clearly not a traditional T32 or postdoctoral program. It’s a program with a passion and a purpose. These are scholars who are talented scientists, who want to look at healthcare and health services in a different way to address health inequities, disparities, and frankly, improve healthcare for all.”

Linda Sarna, PhD, RN
Special Advisor

“My time in the NCSP has deepened my understanding of the challenges patients face in accessing health care, and the organizations and policies that are in place to address these health disparities"
Charles Liu
Charles Liu, MD
NCSP '18 - '20

“I think there’s an emphasis on leadership in creating change and being disruptors of the medical field, that really appealed to me”

Andrea Garcia, MD, MHS
Alumni Scholar