Tarak Trivedi

Tarak Trivedi, MD, MS

Emergency Medicine

MD  University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL
Residency – Emergency Medicine, Alameda County Medical Center, Hayward, CA

Biography: Dr. Tarak Trivedi, emergency medicine physician, engaged in research with the goal of understanding pressing problems faced by emergency room patients, such as interpersonal violence, substance abuse and addiction, and the deficit of acute psychiatric care in the United States.  In particular, he focused on the social epidemiology of emergency psychiatric evaluations, or “involuntary holds.”  He completed the Masters of Health Policy Management, Implementation Science track in summer 2018 and engaged in multiple research projects during his time in fellowship. 

Dr. Trivedi collaborated with mentors Drs. David Schriger and Kristen Ochoa on his main research project entitled “Emergency Medical Services Use Among Patients Receiving Involuntary Psychiatric Holds and the Safety of an Out-of-Hospital Screening Protocol to “Medically Clear” Psychiatric Emergencies in the Field, 2011 to 2016.”  Their findings were published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine 2019 with Dr. Trivedi listed as the first-author. 

Dr. Trivedi also worked with community partner Dr. Anish Mahajan, who is the Chief Medical Officer at UCLA Harbor Hospital, which is part of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LAC DHS).  The study involved a retrospective, observational cohort study design to identify a population of patients who utilized PES services at three different hospitals, and describes the longitudinal utilization and clinical outcomes of the patients by linking patient-level data across four datasets from LAC DHS, LA Department of Mental Health, LA Sheriff (which includes arrest and jail data) and the State Department of Public Health (for mortality data). In addition, Dr. Trivedi worked on a policy project entitled, “Benefits and cost of introducing an all-payer system in California” with mentors Drs. Jack Needleman and Robert Brook, in which he analyzed healthcare costs in the U.S. in order to understand the scope of cost-shifting and its effect of increasing prices, and determine the effects of hospital consolidation on increasing costs.  Dr. Trivedi also engaged in a project entitled, “Impact of being named on lawsuit on ED physician wellness: A Qualitative study” with mentors Drs. Gita Pensa and Gery Ryan.  While many studies focus on the impact of fear of malpractice lawsuits on ED physician ordering of tests and overuse of health services, Dr. Trivedi’s team explored how physician lives are impacted and what the process means for physician careers. 

Dr. Trivedi is also a named co-principle investigator on the cohort 2017-2019 group research project titled “Public Health Firearm Policy and Mortality: A Longitudinal Investigation to Advance Evidence-Based Policy Advocacy.”  

Dr. Trivedi’s publications include a co-authored article titled “Injuries Associated with Standing Electric Scooter Use” published by the JAMA Network with open access.  In addition, Tarak and the team were interviewed by several news agencies regarding their findings.  Dr. Trivedi also published a co-authored article in the Annals of Emergency Medicine 2018 on “Emergency Department Urinary Tract Infections Caused by Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase–Producing Enterobacteriaceae: Many Patients Have No Identifiable Risk Factor and Discordant Empiric Therapy Is Common.”  

In addition to his many research projects, Dr. Trivedi engaged in clinical teaching at the VA in West Los Angeles.  He was also invited to serve as faculty for the American College of Emergency Physician’s 2019 Leadership and Advocacy Conference. 

Following NCSP, Dr. Trivedi is appointed as an attending ED physician at UCLA Ronald Reagan, at the West Los Angeles Veteran’s Affairs campus, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose.